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baby what did they do to you
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(Contains: violence/gore)
Milo laced up a pair of boots, ignoring the endless apologies coming from the boy in glasses behind him.

 "C...come on! What happened, Milton? I'm back to 'normal', whatever that means!"

 Every word Poe said went in one ear and soared out the other like a restless falcon. He zipped his aviator jacket up, slipping a thinner sweater on over it. The seraph pulled his hood out from under the thin fabric of the black pull-over and put it over his orange hair, keeping silent.

 "Why aren't you responding? Did I do something bad?"

 " did everything bad. You're lucky Riamh didn't abandon the town. Now get out of my room." He sullenly hissed at Edward, roughly shoving past him while slipping on gloves, walking outside.

 "...what? Where are you even going?"

 Milo glared over his shoulder. "Every year on the first snow, my friends and I go to the place that earned this town its name. You wouldn't know, newbie."

 "Are you suggesting we aren't friends?"

 The seraph spread his wings, lifting off the ground outside. "Not anymore. Not after what you did."

 A small group stood at the decrepit gate to Tanglewood Forest. It consisted of Katherine, Sephrona, Midori, Remus, Milton, Watson, Drake, Xander, and Ryan. Katie and Sophie huddled together, small clouds of mist puffing out of their mouths. The kitsune made a small, hot blue flame in her hands, holding it close to her and her friend for warmth. Midori laid in Remus's arms, curled up and asleep. Milo stood alone, near Watson, who had Drake residing in his shadow. Xander was close to Ryan, keeping a close eye on the possessed boy.

 "Here we go." Milo gestured at Katie, stepping back from the gate. She nodded, enlarging the flame in her hands and pushing it towards the gate, heating the bars up enough to be more easily bent. With two firm hands, she grasped the red hot bars and pushed them apart, gradually heating them up more to speed up the process. After hopping through, she stepped aside for the others to go through. One by one, they all slipped through, even Remus - except for Wata and Milo, who simply flew over. Xander tugged on Ryan's sleeve, jolting him out of a daydream enough for him to follow the others.

 They each traveled together, going deeper and deeper into the forest until they came to a clearing. It dropped off into bluffs, a large pool of clear water in the middle of the drop-off. A shimmering waterfall poured down into the partly frozen lake, and the entire perimeter was made up of ancient willow trees. As a tradition, Milo jumped off the cliff, hovering in mid-air over the center of the water and holding his arms out, beaming.

 "Welcome," he shouted, "to the original Willow Falls!"

 Katie sat down and patted the patch of snow-covered grass next to her, dangling her legs off the edge of the cliff. "Come over here, Midori. I wanna give you something." The small cat hybrid wriggled out of her overprotectvie sibling's arms, plopping down next to the kitsune. Katherine twirled her finger in the air as a sign for the little girl to turn around. "Just gimme a bit..."

 Sophie plucked an apple from a tree a bit outside of the ring of willows, biting into the still-ripe fruit with a juicy crunch. "The snow must have been recent in this area. If it was any longer, the fruit would be frozen and unfit for consumption." She quietly mused to herself, finishing the red fruit in a few large bites. One doe ear perked up, picking up the sound of rustling leaves. "Ah. Must be an animal. I'm one of your kind, fellow crea-" She turned to face the source of the noise, paling. "-ture?"

 Wata sat back in a cave inside of the cliff's face, looking around. "This cave's always full of geodes. Wonder where they are this year?" He mused to himself, scanning the dark crevice with cold blue eyes. "Ah!" Spotting a shimmering mound of clear crystal, he kicked it firmly with a boot to unsettle it, loosening it. A large cracking noise sounded, but he ignored it as he picked up his prize. Right as he was stepping out of the cave, the stone beneath his feet gave out, causing him to plummet. He frantically put the geode in his pocket and jumped into the sky, but it was so sudden it caused Drake to be ripped out of his shadow, caught in the rock slide.

 "Wata, you moron! You always cause rock slides when you kick thegghAHK--!" Drake was cut off by a shard of rock getting lodged in his neck. He staggered and made himself intangible long enough for the sharp stone to fall out of his body, the wound closing itself in a splotch of black. "...ech. I hate when that happens."

 Ryan vanished into the thick trees, absently plucking large bugs out of the air and shoving them into his mouth. Xander followed, grimacing. "Ryan! You're still partly a human, don't just eat bugs! That's gross!" The arachnid hybrid hissed and ate another beetle as a rebellious act.

 Katie finished braiding Midori's hair and weaving decorative roses into it as a loud scream came from behind her. It was Sophie. She was tackled by some impossibly fast, orange and red blur, being shoved off the edge of the bluff in the chaos. The assaulter was already gliding away, still too fast to be seen clearly, but appeared to be some kind of demon. The satyr plummeted into the ice-cold water, crashing through a layer of thin ice.

 "" Katie gasped, staring down over the edge at her friend. A huge bite appeared to be taken out of part of her neck and a lot of her shoulder, enough for her arm to have been ripped off in the split seconds it took for her to be thrown into the frigid lake. She wailed, clambering down the cliff face and diving into the water, pulling the shivering, dying girl out while warming herself with her cobalt embers. "S-stay with me... j-ju-just heal yourself, Soph..!! Please!"

 "A-ah... I was just... eating, Ka-Katherine..."

 "Heal yourself!"

 Sephrona weakly smiled, shakily raising her remaining arm up to touch Katie's trembling chest. "It's... my time, Kath-Katherine... I-I knew this would hap-happen..." Slowly, her arm slacked, growing colder than it already was. The kitsune held her close and screamed.

 Poe heard the scream. He was sneaking into the woods, and had a warm coat on over his vest. The scream made him break into a sprint, skidding to a stop at the entrance to the clearing. The landscape took his breath away, but as soon as he looked down, he froze, his body feeling colder than the snow gathered around his legs.

 "What on earth..?"

 Drake climbed up the bluff in the form of a thin shadow, rising up next to Poe with a smirk. "Look at them, Poe. They're suffering. Entertaining, right?"

 " You're disgusting if you find this as a good thing."

 "Ah, then allow me to help you out." He tried to grab the feather and rip it off, but a raven screeched, diving from above and clawing his face with talons. "--!!"

 "Riamh..? Where have you been?"

 The raven fended off the ghost long enough for him to give up and slink away into the darkness of the woods. "It's a long story, involving you."


 "Yes. Would you like me to explain?"

 ".....please do."
Milo stared at the person standing across from him on the road to the school.

 "Who are you..?"

 The figure lowered the hood of his black cloak, a thin smile on his lips.

 "Why, don't you remember me?"

 The seraph shook, angrily staring at Enoch. His fists were clenched, along with his teeth.

 "I thought you were dead..."

 A raven circled in the air.

 "Do you really think a little static could keep me down?" His hand twitched. "I'm a little twitchy, but I'll be fine."  

 "Bring..." Milo screeched. "Bring Poe back!"

 "How did this happen, Adair-- Remus?" Sophie asked, looking down at the sleeping Nekomata laying on a mat in the satyr's room. "This is serious... bruises everywhere, broken fingers, every bone in her tail shattered..."

 Remus folded his arms in front of his chest. "It was a... very terrible accident. No more questioning."

 The satyr looked at him suspiciously and silently nodded, putting her hand gently on Midori's forehead. The hand glowed softly with a whitish light. "This process will take several hours, so please leave until then."

 "No. I will not leave. I have to make sure you do not cause any further harm to her." He gradually raised his voice, looking irritated. "If you cause any harm to her, I WILL KILL YOU."

 Sephrona yelped, pressing her hand on the girl more. "I-it'll just be a little while, I-I'll speed up the process..!"

 "If you lay a hand on her besides the one healing her, I will--"

 "Yo, Soph, I was wondering where you were! Why's Beetlejuice and Meowmix with you?" Katie walked in with her arms folded behind her head, walking like she was in some anime. She sat down with her legs crossed next to the girl. "Man, Kit-Kat looks baaaad. What happened?"

 Sophie shrugged, side-eyeing the centaur. "He's refusing to tell, so I have no idea."

 After a few awkwardly silent moments, the cat hybrid opened her eyes a little, sitting up stiffly. "...mmm... nothing hur-rruts anymorue..." She cringed lightly every time 'ru' came out of her mouth.

 "Why's she worried about her little tic?" Katie pointed out through a mouthful of food - she had a bag of tiny little sausages that looked vaguely like dog treats in one hand. Her tails absently waved behind her.

 Midori quietly whimpered. "Dr...ruake..."


 Remus picked up Midori and began walking out. "It's nothing, I assure you."

 Sophie stared after them. "We need to talk to Drake."

 "Ah... all this has paid off, huh?" You peered through the doorway of Sephrona's room, eavesdropping. "Ahaha... after convincing Drake to steal Poe's feather, and making Drake snap by having him get set up to lose his eye, this is exactly what I wanted out of this. But it's not enough." You walk away, going to your own home. "Maybe I could mess with Enoch more, since he came back... or manipulate Raito and Resa? Maybe provoke the Widows more."

 A smirk covered your face.

 "This town will burn, someday. And I'll make sure to be the one who causes its fall."
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and ideologically sensitive material)
 A blond figure stood silhouetted over the cardboard moon, in the center of the gym. Hands with clean, white gloves rested firmly on his hips. He wore a fanciful black suit, a red, silken cape, a small top hat, and a black mask covering his eyes. An arrogant laugh erupted from him, accompanied by an obviously faked and sophisticated sounding accent.

 "Ahaha! You, foul villain, have been caught red-handed by the masked masquerade, the caped cavalier--"

 "Thomas, I told you, we're done. I told you that an hour ago." Lucille deadpanned, sitting on top of the currently folded closed bleachers. A crop top that appeared to be a bit tight and some skinny jeans made up her outfit. "I changed out of the costume a long time ago, why won't you?"

 The magician slouched, giving off an exaggerated sigh and dropping the faked accent. "Luuucyyyyy... c'mooon." He whined, pulling off the mask and knocking the hat off his head while doing so. "Bein' Ace'a Spades's fun, though!" Thomas undid the velvety red bow tie fastened around his neck and threw it over his shoulder. After throwing the white gloves away from himself, he started to unbutton the shirt underneath the suit jacket when he was interrupted.

 "Yeesh, there's other people in here, think before you strip in front of everyone, Slick." Raito rolled his eyes, standing up straight after leaning on the wall with the music in his headphones cranked up loud. He adjusted his sunglasses, glaring at Thomas. Some of the light from overhead reflected off of the lenses for a moment, making them seem to glow. "If you need me, I'll be at home. Or with Resa. Either thing works. If I'm with him, don't bother me." The wannabe DJ walked out of the gymnasium, a bit of static buzzing around him.

 Ryan erratically looked around, sitting in a corner of the gym and making a small web shakily between his fingers. Occasionally, he looked up from his hands, wildly looking at the others.

 Thomas's blue eyes met with Ryan's yellowish for a split second, and the magician looked away, feeling uncomfortable. "...wha's gotten inta 'im lately?"

 Another blond - Xander - spoke up, looking up from sitting against a wall and reading a novel. "I believe he has been possessed by a malevolent type of 'Spirit Guide' known as one of 'The Widows'. It takes the form of a black widow spider and often gives the host arachnid-like traits, such as extra eyes or legs, or perhaps a bunch of cobwebs hanging off of the vessel's body. If an esper was to look at his etheric form, he would appear to be a normal human being, blindfolded, the Widow perched on his head, and wrapped up like a mummy in spider silk."

 "That's kinda dark."

 "Yes, but it's true. Remember, I'm a renowned paranormal investigator - casually called a ghost hunter. I'm so good at detecting supernatural activity because I'm an esper myself." Xander smugly smiled, marking his place in the novel and closing it as he stood up. "As an example, you are currently fantasizing about your girlfriend's abnormally large boobs."

 Thomas yelped, blushing violently. "I-I'm not..!!"

 "Upon taking another look, you are a pathological liar, and in fact, are." He frowned, looking past the other blond at Ryan. "...however, I do not know how to break Ryan from the grip of the Widow. He appears to have been possessed since before his arrival to Willow Falls. It makes sense - the town he originated from had a recent outbreak of Widow possessions, the start and end dates including the last known day Mr. Taylor was there."

 Taking a few deep breaths to cool his hot face while meeting a smirk from Lucille with a glare, Thomas shrugged and started walking out. "Hope y'find out. I wanna know wha'th'real Ryan's like. Hopefully better than a grumpy asshole."

 Lucille followed after. Xander smiled, chuckling a little at Thomas's comment. He sent a last, worried look at the possessed teen and left the gym.

 Remus swore he could hear a terrified scream from Midori somewhere. But where? She had been missing the entire day. Drake must have done something. He restlessly wandered the halls, desperately trying to get a glance of the girl. "Midori..? Midori!"

 He heard another cry, coming from a dark room lit up by a single light. Frowning, the bug centaur stepped in, looking around and spotting them. Drake forced Midori to stay upright, holding her hair to keep her head up. One foot was pushing down on her small tail.

 "What... what are you doing to her..?!"

 Drake smirked over his shoulder, the white semicircle left where he was stabbed in the eye glowing slightly. He ignored Remus besides that. "Come on, Midori. Say it without pronouncing it weird with your little accent, and I'll stop." A low cackle rose up under his breath.

 Midori spotted her adoptive brother and smiled weakly, hoping for help. "B-big b-br-r-rr-"

 "Go on, say it."


 The ghost smirked, raising the foot over the Nekomata's tail up. "Try again!"

 She fearfully sniffled, sending a terrified look at Remus. "R-r-rruuu--"

 "Ah, ah, aaaah!" He slammed his foot down on her tail, a sickening crack ringing out as a tiny bone in it was broken. Midori sobbed, struggling and trying to get to her brother.

 Remus walked up behind the spirit, emotionless. He raised one of his front legs, frowning. "Leave my little sister alone."

 Drake looked over his shoulder just as a leg went through his back. "Ghh-- ahah--"

 "Why are you laughing, Mevel?"

 "Hh-hah... I'm dead! You can't kill me!" Smirking, he painfully twisted around, shoving the leg away from his body. The large hole dripped with a shadowy, almost bloodlike liquid, slowly closing up similarly to how his eye wound healed itself. "This isn't over, Delrick. I'll get back at you some other way!" Upon a quick, close look at him, Drake appeared to be fidgeting similarly to Ryan. Faint, translucent threads of silk drifted in the air, connected to his limbs.

 Remus lunged for him, but missed - he leaned backwards, falling in a trust fall type of movement, turning into a silhouette on the tiled floor on impact.

 Angrily sighing, the bug moved over to Midori. "Are you alright?" He gingerly picked the sniveling cat hybrid up, slowly moving out of the room. "Miss Sephrona knows some healing magic. Don't worry, I'll get you better... but don't mention this incident to anyone, alright?"

 "B..ig... br-bru....other..." She braced herself, going silent for a moment upon saying 'ru'.

 Boom frantically looked around. "Flit? Flit?!"

 "Oh, you're looking for him..?" Bean smiled, looking down at the shorter, younger boy, who just ran into his belly. He seemed to be a bit chubbier today, looking sleepy. Bean yawned. "I saw him a while ago... he ran away..." Another sleepy yawn slipped out of the Incubus. "...said he'd never come back..."

 The pyromaniac yelped. "N-never..?! Are you sure..?"

 "Yeah... go on, give up... on looking for him, I mean..!"

 Boom sadly walked away, slipping into his little hideout where Cream and Milky anxiously waited.

 A small, dark smile spread on the demon's face.

 "...ah... I guess I shouldn't tell about what REALLY happened, then..."
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